Monday, January 21, 2013

The Tortilla/Wrap Experiment

This is only the there is so much potential with these babies!  But, you need them now so I'm posting what I have achieved, at this point.  

I need to extend a very grateful thank-you to Lynn (lynnskitchenadventures) for getting me off my lazy backside and getting to work on something that works in MY kitchen!  After five trials, I've never been so comfortable with a tortilla/wrap recipe before now.  Several switch-ups and they still come out great!  

Because different products produce different results, I'm adding the brand of each flour with this...although, short of grinding your own, you may not be able to find whole grain sorghum flour.  And because it's from a local Amish farmer near me, I tried another alternative flour and it still worked just fine.  I'm thinking you could 'fudge' the 2 T. of whatever you're feeling and it will always work!  I want some feedback on what you try, please!  (Edit 1/28:  I used 2 T cornmeal for a batch and it creates a chewier texture with a distinct corn leaning.  Next batch, regular corn flour.  Softer texture, same corn flavor.  Between the two, the preference is regular corn flour.  I'm curious what effect masa harina would have next!  I am officially addicted to these things.....)

Tortillas/Wraps - makes 5-6, depending on how large you want them...  Best to not go too big; I fear the softness will be sacrificed.  I like using my Calphalon Unison non-stick 10" pan for wraps that are roughly 7" in diameter.

Mix all dry ingredients thoroughly:

1/3 cup sweet white sorghum flour (Bob's Red Mill)
1/3 cup finely ground brown rice flour (from
2 T whole sorghum flour OR green pea flour (Bob's Red Mill) OR teff or buckwheat, etc., place it in the 1/3 cup measure and THEN FILL THE REST OF THE WAY WITH tapioca starch or potato starch  (Got that?!?)
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp xanthan gum
(salt, as you choose; and spices...but try them plain first...)

Add 1/2 cup HOT water and mix well.  I find that there is no 'dry' left in the bowl when you get it completely mixed.  If the dough is too sticky and you don't think you can roll it easily, add a little more flour...but only a little because you'll want some for rolling.  Separate into 5-6 balls and keep them in the bowl under a paper towel.  (I always make 6.)

To roll, I've been using a piece of waxed paper or parchment on the counter with a sheet of Saran over the top (but am now actually preferring a sheet of Saran on the bottom, too; it seems to require less flour to 'roll' as it doesn't allow the wraps to stick as much)...and my awesome pizza/pastry double-roller from Pampered Chef.  Use the flatter wider end.

Shape a ball of dough into a disk and place between bottom sheet of choice and Saran.  Roll from center out, trying to leave the center slightly thicker than the edges.  This will help the bend-without-breaking factor.  Lift the Saran and dust with flour (I use more sorghum) as needed.  Flip the wrap over and dust again, as needed, also.  Roll to rough size of a dessert plate.  Heat the pan, higher than low but not as hot as medium, and add about a tsp of olive oil.  Spread the oil around to equal the size of the tortilla...and place the rolled tortilla into the pan.  When it can move around without sticking, immediately turn it over, move it around, and then let it cook.  (Roll another tortilla while the first side cooks.)  You'll know the first side is done when it bubbles up in spots and, checking the cooked side, you'll see the bottom of those bubbles have begun to brown.  Turn it over and let the second side cook until it looks about the same. 

When your tortillas are cooked but still warm, move them to a plate and bend them over into a "taco" shape.  Or you can do this in the pan and then move them...  As they cool, they will hold their shape, more or less.  (Or, you can leave them flat, piling as you go, and they will usually be able to bend after you rewarm them if they've spent some time in the frig...if you need them to be bent!)

Repeat cooking and rolling until finished.  (But that last one is pretty good if you leave it to cook up a little longer, brush it with a little butter, and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on it!  Oh, YUM!)  When cool, I put them in a 'zippy' bag and keep them in the frig.

(Update 2/23/13:  I'm very much liking teff flour now.  Using 1/3 cup sorghum flour with 1/3 cup teff flour and then starting off the last third-cup with superfine brown rice flour and finishing with tapioca starch makes my favorite wrap combo yet!  This latest combo plays well when used for a scrambled egg/Spanish smoked paprika breakfast - or anytime.  I add a few slices of g-free deli turkey and some already-cooked lentils I keep in the frig.  Tasty and it really satisfies for hours!)

In a deeper experimentation mode, I took the final ball of one recipe and split it into very small balls...each rolled into the size of round tortilla chips...sprinkled a bit of flaked salt as I finished rolling, and cooked them up until completely done, edges were beginning to crisp up...  Let them cool on a rack and they get fairly crispy all over!  The next step is to attempt some kind of sour cream/onion flavoring with powdered buttermilk and onion powder...maybe shaking the warm "chips" in it before setting them on the rack??  Let me know what you try!!!  I'm thinking we could use any kind of popcorn seasoning, too!!!  This could be bad!!!  REALLY BAD!!!

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