A Little Background

Life is a roller coaster.  Emotions can run all over the place.  But, sometimes, there seem to be reasons we don't "see" that make the craziness more extreme than it should be.  Could it be something we put in our mouths that have some influence over how we feel?  I know a lot of people who think I have rocks in my head for even suggesting such a thing.  But now I know THEY are the rocky-headed ones!  

I don't like it when my thoughts are "foggy" and unsettled.  I don't like it when my memory seems to be only half available.  I really don't like it when my joints ache and I haven't done anything to provoke it.  I can only imagine what unwelcome happenings are occurring inside my body where I can't see and, therefore, am completely unaware of the damage.  

I don't have any sort of official diagnosis here; but, I know how I feel when I ingest wheat.  To that, I now say no thank you!  Wheat is not my friend.  So it is that I have said good-bye.....and am now climbing on my little soap-box to try to get other family members to pay attention to how they feel after they eat.  And a few are listening!  

One day at a time! 

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