Tuesday, January 1, 2013

G-Free bits and pieces

There are several gluten-free blogs that I visit regularly and thought it might be handy to list them and a few favorite posts here.  Saves the chase.  

I know I've mentioned the Slow Cooker Beef Stew in conversation a few times so I'm getting it down here so I stop repeating myself!  Go to www.lynnskitchenadventures.com and use a gluten-free flour blend (as she suggests) on the cubed beef and you're good to go!  (I subbed in 2 T. sorghum flour with 2 T. white rice flour.  No one was the wiser!) She has several other recipes that are worth investigating, too, so take some time and look around. 

Check out www.edibleperspective.com, also. Ashley has a lot of new ideas going on there! I especially love her avoidance of the starches! And she uses fun things like quinoa flour! 

If you want to try using a ready-made flour blend, www.glutenfreeonashoestring.com is a great place to start. Nicole has cookbooks out now, too, so that may be helpful if you find it easier to navigate g-free baking that way. I took her 'nilla wafer recipe and used my own flour blend.....let's just say it's one of those good/bad/good/bad things!! I make them thinking I'll save them for a cookie crust but they never last long enough to see it happen! YUM!!! They work nicely in banana pudding, too! (If you can't do the milk aspect of pudding, almond milk works nicely! It's best to use the regular version though.)

If all else fails, try a search for what you want to make. So so many gluten-free sites are popping up and more recipes are posted every day!

As a last resort, I'll share MY last resort! Take a recipe you love and tackle a conversion on your own! My initial successes came with muffins and snack cakes calling for 1 1/2 cups of flour. Using the happy trifecta of 1/2 cup EACH sweet white sorghum flour, superfine (brown or white) rice flour, and tapioca starch along with a little xanthan gum, I don't remember even one failure! Of course, once you find something that works, you can fiddle with it every time you make it again. Just remember to take notes! The last thing you want is to get it "just right" and not remember how you did it! Happy experimenting!

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