Friday, January 4, 2013

Must-see G-Free blog info!

You will want to check out this blog: so many reasons, go there with the intention of staying a while!  Grab your mixer and start with the Gluten Free Pull-Aparts!  That pizza version.....I don't know if I can hold out for very long now that I've seen it!  The Garlic-Parmesan version would satisfy the "pizza" urge for me, too!  

She has Whole Grain Sandwich Wraps (Take 3) that need to be made ASAP!  One jelly roll pan later and you have sandwich "bread" at the ready!  NOT that you should eat this stuff every day though, right?!?!?!?  All those carbs are still all those carbs!!!  But, honestly, this looks easy compared to so many other GF bread-type recipes.  How can we NOT try these?!?!?!?  Monkey Bread, Pizza crust, Flat bread.....I'm staring down the Buckwheat Wraps first.....  I have days where I need a tortilla!  

Every time I find a good source, I'll be rushing over here to let you know!!!

UPDATE:  This blog changed to a while back...and she kinda pooped out this summer...July 2013.  A decent recipe source still but I just wanted you to know that the action is non-existent over there right now.....  (10/13/13) 


I've been following now, too.  A slightly different angle on gluten-free but still so much there I find useful!  I'm currently toying with her pan bread recipe.  It's SO quick and you can make it so many ways!  If you need a quick PB&J, now you can have one!!   


I follow glutenfreeonashoestring; finally purchased her bread book.  Tons of great recipes on her website!  I pick and choose and change things up.  The copycat recipes are awesome!!!


I follow  She posts when she can; they're always good!!


There's another blog I check out once in a while; I'm not always thrilled with it but I get some decent ideas and can usually change up a recipe to suit my preferences.  Check out  She's g-free but does other posts also.

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